Doug Legacy (Doug Lacy)

is a Musician and Actor
in Films and on Stage and TV
Castle Hill Agency

Doug Lacy / Doug Legacy
Discography and Filmography

Maybe Good for God - 1977
Christmas in Prison - 1978
Snake Handler (Divine Horseman) - 1987
Hey You! Doug Legacy and the Legends of the West - 1988
Bummed Out Christmas! - 1989
King Cake Party - 1990
Bingo (Richard Gibbs soundtrack) - 1991
A Real Life Story (Maura O'Connell) - 1991
Life in the Folk Lane - 1992
Candyland (James McMurtry) - 1992
Exception to the Rule (Arnold McCuller) - 1994
Boingo - 1994
Johnny Damas & Me (John Trudell) - 1994
Orange Crate Art (Van Dyke Parks & Brian Wilson) - 1995
Electric Mistress (Zen Cowboys) - 1995
New Hat - Doug & the Mystics - 1995
Farewell: Oingo-Boingo Live from the Universal Amphitheater Halloween (1995) - 1996
Dancing On The Levee - 1996
Muppets Tonight - 1996-1997
And the Beat Goes On: The Sonny & Cher Story - 1999
Mardi Gras Mambo - 1999
Whatever It Takes - 2000
Snow Day - 2000
Sounds from Home (Delaney Bramlett) - 2000
Town & Country - 2001
Cape of Good Hope (Jim Wilson) - 2001
Back to Front (Arnold McCuller) - 2002
Gossip - 2003
Band Camp - 2003
ZPB Live in Schaffhausen - 2003
Free Radicals - 2004
Christmas with the Kranks - 2004
Living Things (Matthew Sweet) - 2004
Love My Truck Drivin' Man (Susanne Spirit) - 2004
The Best of the Zydeco Party Band - 2004
Sitting On Top of the World - 2005
Gilmore Girls - 2006
Hymn Book (Imperial Crowns) - 2006
Spongebob Squarepants: The Best Day Ever - 2006
Schell Games (Johnny Lee Schell) - 2006
The Bucket List - 2007
Wrong Turn 2: Dead End - 2007
Do You Know What It Means? - 2007
Still Wild (Lacy Younger) - 2007
Eureka - 2007-2009
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - 2008
The Angry Video Game Nerd - 2010
Ice Age - 2012
Pastriology - 2013
Songs Cycled - 2013
Black Sails - 2014
The Gumbo Brotherhood - 2017
Spangled - 2019
Snowpiercer - 2020


Doug on NBC TV! "How I Met Your Mother"

(4-11 4ALH12 15 Dec 08 Little Minnesota)

How I Met Your Mother Doug Legacy2
How I Met Your Mother Doug Legacy1
How I Met Your Mother Doug Legacy3


Doug at the Ice Age accordian session
You can hear Doug in the movie, "Ice Age"!


Feb 2009
Doug is back in the studio working on more soundtracks with
Bear McCreary on Eureka.


Doug sang "Tush" in the movie, "The Bucket List"


Elise Testone's performance of Billy Joel's "Vienna" on
American Idol featured Doug on accordian.
"Princess Frank" Luis pantomimed it on tv.


~ Valentine's Day ~

Zydeco Party Band appeared on "Gilmore Girls"!!

The taping was Jan 27, 2006

Gilmore Girls Zydeco Party Band
"Gilmore Girls" Valentine's Day show
Episode 6.15: A Vineryard Valentine
Gilmore Girls airs on The WB on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST.
Airdate: February 14, 2006
Gilmore Girls Zydeco Party Band

* As Valentine's Day approaches... At the Inn, Sookie is in a terrible mood.
There is a Cajun Zydeco band at the Dragonfly who are there to audition to play at Lorelai's wedding.
She had forgotten about that appointment. She tries to tell them she doesn't need a band anymore but the band wants to play... - Source:


Doug and Gilbert Godfrey

Doug with Gilbert Godfried on the set of "The Muppets Tonight"


Town and Country scene
Scene from movie w/Natasha Kinski, "Town and Country"
-- real movie, fake moustache.


Doug Zorro on Late Mr. Pete set

Doug as Zorro on the Late Mr. Pete on Emmy-winning "The Late Mr. Pete Show" (KTLA)
(performing with guests Steve Allen, Susan Anton, Martin Mull and Sam Kennison)

The Zydeco Party Band was the house band for "The Late Mr. Pete Show " and "Muppets Tonight".


Whoopie Goldberg

Doug with Whoopie Goldberg

Flooze Doug Legacy



"Town & Country" - Featured
"Baseketball" - Principal (on camera)
"Clean Slate" - Principal Vocal (Sound Track)
"A River Runs Through It" - Principal Vocal (Sound Track)
"Bingo" - Principal Whistling (Sound Track)


Sonny & Cher story - Featured
"Muppets Tonight" - House Band
"Ally McBeal" - Principal (on camera)
"The Bold & the Beautiful" - Principal (on camera)
"The Late Mr. Pete Show" - House Band (on camera)
"American Detective" - Sound Track (Keyboards)
"The Bold & the Beautiful" - Sound Track (Steel Drums and piano)


"" - Principal (all)
"The Gas Co."
"Budweiser "
"Wherehouse Records"
"Kentucky Fried Chicken"
"Michelob Golden Draft"


"Lewis & Legacy"- Musical Director & Principal - Sands Hotel
"Sounds of Silence" - Musical Director & Principal - School Shows
"Salvation" - Musical Director & Principal - Fondren Theater


University of Texas - Music Composition, Piano, Voice,
Weightlifting & Oceanography
Dance (with "The Tubes") - Kenny Ortega


Actor, Musician (Composer, Lyricist, Vocalist, Whistler, Piano, Organ, Accordion, Synthesizer, Tuba, Percussion), Dancer, Pool Player, Piano Tuner


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Zydeco Party Band, ft Doug Legacy
Dr. SoundGood, ft Doug Legacy

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