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*** upcoming -

Saturday, April 15th - Dr Soundgood
Release of new single
"You Can Leave Your Hat On"
The Barkley Restaurant and Bar
1400 Huntington Dr, South Pasadena, CA 91030

Doug's August 2024 Texas Tour II
as the Texas Hurricane:

Doug Mystic Hurricane 2 Texas Tour 2024

Friday, Aug 9 The Big Easy "Steve Krase Band with special guest Doug Legacy", 9pm- 1am
5731 Kirby Drive, Houston, TX 77005

Saturday, Aug 10 Red Brick Tavern, "Steve Krase Band with special guest Doug Legacy", 11pm-1am
119 Simonton Street ConroeTX 77301

Friday, Aug 16 The Big Easy "Doug Legacy & The Mystic Hurricanes", 9pm- 1am
5731 Kirby Drive, Houston, TX 77005

Saturday, Aug 17 Doug Legacy - House Party in Houston TBA

Sunday, Aug 18 Doug Legacy plays Happy Hour at The Meridian 5pm-7pm
Doug will be joined by Austin bassist Chris Alcaraz and Lauren Ellis on guitar
200 N Main St., Buda, Tx

Sunday, Aug 18 pm Doug Legacy joins Bianca DeLeon, with Chris Alcaraz and Laren Ellis at a House Concert, 8pm-10pm
Upson Downs, 604 Upson St, Austin, Texas
- see biancamusic.com for more info

Saturday, Aug 24 "Doug Legacy & The Mystic Hurricanes", 11pm-1am
Red Brick Tavern, 119 Simonton Street ConroeTX 77301

As well as Dr. Soundgood and Zydeco Party Bands, Doug plays solo and sideman:

The Red Lion Tavern
Red Lion TavernDoug plays most Sundays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays

2366 Glendale Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90039
LA Weekly voted "Best Piano Bar In LA" 2014

Doug Legacy Red Lion

When Doug is not playing gigs he is either working on projects in his studio or tuning pianos.

Lately, he has been working with Van Dyke Parks and his son Richard Parks. Van Dyke on Piano and Richard on mandolin.

Doug's also been working on a project with Alex Schub, recording several songs that he wrote for his grandchildren.


Doug plays Didgeridoo! Cal ROD Concert Hall with Michael Skloff

The Boomsteiners - A fun German music band

The Parrothead Band with Mark Wood

Acadiana Zydeco Band featuring Teresa Russell

Doug has been a Bootstrapper PIRATE at DISNEYLAND since June 2006! and a featured performer at Brennans Jazz Kitchen, Downtown Disney for nearl as long.


Doug's video of "Pool Shark" is Semi-Finalist in four festivals!

laurel Austin 2023 Tokyo Shortslaurel Hong Kong 2023 Dublin Movie Awards


One of the Disneyland Bootstrapper pirate crew, Duane Michaels, was featured in an Oscar-winning film, "The Last Repair Shop" - Wikipedia Official Trailer


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Tumbleweeds are the hottest new home decor, according to Texas Monthly.

...Which reminds me of when I wrangled tumbleweeds for Bill Narum, the house artist for ZZ Top, back in the early 70's.

Things ARE Jumpin!

"Things are Jumpin'"


ZPBlog! - OLD NEWS! . . . you misssed it!

Doug Legacy March 2024 Texas Tour

Dr Soundgood The Barkley

Wildwood Flower Radio Hour KXLU

Doug and Dr. Soundgood
on the radio!
Wildwood Flower Radio Hour
Mardi Gras, Feb 13, 2024

7-9 PM on KXLU 88.9 FM

Americana Park McCabes flier

The Mint

John Avila from Oingo Boingo

Doug Texas Tour March 2024
Doug Legacy, Live from Texas!
Sunday Mar 24, 2024, 8pm Central

Big Easy

Doug and Norm from Cheers!
Hi, Norm!!!
George Wendt and Doug at the Red Lion "Best Piano Bar in LA" -- LA Weekly

Doug White Lion Alpine Village
Doug with the Alpine Village White Lion
Doug plays German music for Octoberfest with The Boomsteiners -
Doug And Hino American Legion Hall 2015

Doug at Brennans

Doug has been a Bootstrapper Pirate
at Disneyland for 20+ years!

The Bootstrappers at Disneyland drawn by Amber Brinigar
The Bootstrappers at New Orleans Square
drawn by Amber Briniger
Doug Legacy Pirate
Blind Dog and Captain Hook
Blind Dog and Captain Hook
Doug Brennans
Doug at Brennans' beautiful piano
Doug Brennans Piano
Doug Brennans

Write-Off Room
Crawfish Fest
Knotts Summer Nights

12 Tuesdays from May 31, 2022

2022 is our third year!

Zydeco Party Band at Knotts 2019

Videos - One, Two, Three, Four, Five from Knotts

Doug Legacy & the Zydeco Party Band are part of the L.A. Marathon, March 20, 2022.
The band is featured at Santa Monica and Sepulveda, a pivotal location on the 26.2 mile course as participants turn the corner and head into the home stretch.

Hello All!

The Six-Piece Mark Wood and the Parrot Head Band are again playing at Campus JAX!

Suzanne Morrisette-Drums,

Brad Cummings-Bass,
Paul Navidad-Sax/Keys/Vocals,
Doug Legacy-Steel Drum/Keys/Vocals,
Andrew Carney-Trumpet, and
Mark Wood-Guitars/Vocals/Harmonica

Friday, April 9, 2021, 7-8:30PM PDT
Campus JAX, 3950 Campus Drive,
Newport Beach, Ca
see JAX website for more info.


article about Doug with Paul McCartney

We found some PETA videos online
- Doug played with Paul McCartney!
Check out Doug's HISTORY page.


Doug's 14th Swiss tour March 6, 2020:
Doug Legacy and Kurt Bislin
sponsored by
BurroBeat logo Doug Legacy - vocals, piano, accordion
Kurt Bislin - vocals, guitar

Swiss tour fliers collage

Doug Legacy and Kurt Bislin have had a long and close friendship. They have toured Europe repeatedly with Kurt Bislin's D.Biters over the years. This resulted in the brilliant album "Sittin' On Top Of The World "in 2005.

Fellow musicians from Doug Legacy also contributed. On the album are Waddy Wachtel (Keith Richards, Bob Dylan), Lee Thornburg (Tower Of Power), Jimmy Z. (Rod Stewart, Eurhytmics) or Doug's old band colleague and gifted slide guitarist Mark Shark with Cla Nett, the Swiss blues veteran and winner of the first Swiss Blues Awards.

Now they are traveling as a duo for the first time. In this setting, they want to get closer to their audience and present their music in a more intimate setting. Doug Legacy with an outstanding voice and exhilarating piano and accordion playing and Kurt Bislin with rough vocals and authentic blues guitar present a gripping, varied program of blues, New Orleans style piano tunes, voodoo soul, Zydeco and Cajun music.


Doug Legacy and the Zydeco Party Band

March 3, 2020
The Write-Off Room
21791 Ventura Blvd.
Woodland Hills CA 91364
(818) 610-8308

ZPB at the Writeoff Room

Doug performed at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark
with Van Dyke Parks

featuring Gabby Moreno
and Julie Christensen

fan video on YouTube
Van Dyke Parks and the DR Youth Orchestra perform the Ry Cooder song"Across the Borderline".
Gaby Moreno sings the lead vocals.
Recorded live @ Roskilde Festival in Denmark on July 4th, 2010.


Doug in Denmark collage

Doug Legacy Van Dyke Parks Johnny Lee Schell & Rooster
Doug, Van Dyke Parks,
Johnny Lee Schell & Rooster
Van Dyke Parks and Doug
get a leg up
Debra Dobkin can play anything!
Martin Kibbe and Doug
new product for polishing
Little Feat tracks?

Doug Legacy Mark P and Teresa Russell
Doug, Mark, Teresa Russell - Acadiana

Doug at Brennans
Doug matches the piano
Doug in Switzerland
Doug is a Pirate At Disney!
Can I take the Pirate home?

Doug  with Andy and Tom
Andy, Doug, Tom - The Hi C's from SpongeBob

Novi and Doug Legacy
Novi Novog and Doug

Wierd Al and Doug

c'mon, give us a kiss
loose lips...

Jim Thompson warming up
Jim Thompson warming up


Doug Legacy and Dan Akroyd on the set
Doug, Dan Aykroyd, and two accordians
on the set of
"Christmas With The Kranks"

Dan Aykroyd for "Christmas with the Kranks"
interview by Paul Fischer Nov 24, 2004

... I love using props. I'm from the Peter Sellers school of trying to prepare for the character.
Question: Does that include playing the accordion?
Aykroyd: The accordion is a nod to John Candy. There's no doubt about that because he did the polka thing.
Question: The Shmenge brothers.
Aykroyd: Or course, the Shmenge brothers. They were going to have me play the piano, but I thought the accordion was more interesting and, of course I wrote myself something so difficult to pull off. I don't play the accordion, but I worked with a wonderful guy called **Doug Legacy**.
The other thing that the accordion brought to the piece was sort of the Cajun/Louisiana flavour in the music. And that was neat. We worked on those songs together. He took the reeds out of my accordion and then he played at the side of the camera so I could watch his fingering so I think we pulled it off.


The Burning Piano from American Idol
- is now on tour with Grayson Chance
Red Piano American Idol

Doug is a piano tech for big shows in Los Angeles including American Idol. He gets calls to detune (Brian Wilson) and deconstruct pianos as well as repairing them.

Doug does not condone burning or dowsing pianos!
This was a piano that was already at the end of its life and is now being appreciated in another way.

Grayson Chance
Grayson Chance B&W piano


Doug is also working on Ayin Aleph's harpsichord. Here's her video.


Big Squeeze 2014

Things ARE Jumpin!


The 'Strappers at
Parrish Pioneer Ranch
Pirate Show

And again August 18 and 19, 2012.
The ranch has pirate stuntshows!

Bootstrappers at Parrish Pioneer Ranch

Bootstrappers at Parrish Pioneer Ranch


Oingo Boingo Doug Legacy


Doug was the Evil Clown with Oingo Boingo
for 10 years!

keyboards, accordian, percussion and backup vocals

Oingo Boingo
video with Doug

or another video

Hey, ya wanna see some new Boingo shows?
See Johnny Vatos Dance Party

Vatos head



Doug is recording with Michelle and Todd Rundgren
on their new project "Reading Room"



Disney Pirates 4 premiere
Disney Pirates 4 premiere
Disneyland Goes All-Out for
Trailer Premiere
Disney Pirates 4 premiere
Disney Pirates 4 premiere Doug Johnny

Underwood Farms


Dolder IIThe 2009 Swiss tour XI With NettWorkwas a roaring success!

Fri. July 3      Schaffhausen        Dolder II  .dolder2.ch
Sat. July 4      Laufen Bluesfestival      stedtli-blues.ch
Tue-Sat July 7-11 Jazzparade Fribourg New Orleans café jazzparade.ch
Fribourg Jazz Fest
Nettwork homepage
       NettWork myspace

Doug has made more than TWELVE tours of Switzerland with ZPB and other bands.
  See history page for the list.

Doug at Fashnacht Parade

Ever heard of Mardi Gras in Switzerland? 

It's called Faschnacht! 

Here is Swiss TV footage of Doug Legacy and NettWork
from the Jan 31- Feb02, 2008 tour

BurroBeat Records

BurroBeat on YouTube
(or DonkeyBiters or Danke-Bitte)
 Videos with Doug & Mark Shark


Feb 2009: Doug is back in the studio working on more soundtracks with Bear McCreary on Eureka.


Have you guessed that Doug plays the accordian?  And he's a pirate at Disneyland!
Doug Legacy Roland Electric Accordian Doug Green Accordian Doug Blind Dog On Beach
 Doug Legacy Disneyland BootStrappers Doug Legacy Disneyland BootStrapper Pirates


Accordian on a Harley
An accordian on a Harley.  There's a joke in there, somewhere...


Do You Know What It Means? ZPB
Zydeco Party Band's CD
Do You Know What It Means?

We threw a great CD Release Party at Cozy's!



Doug played with the Oingo Boingo rhythm section, this time headed by Steve Bartek. and named "Relative"
Modern stuff!
And an old pic of the Mystics.

Relative promo
Mystics old


ZPB BuckwheatZydeco
Buckwheat Zydeco,

Doug Legacy & the Zydeco Party Band
& More

5214 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, California 90027  * 323-666-SAMS
9pm - Doug Legacy & The Zydeco Party Band
10:30 - Buckwheat Zydeco

        Read the review here


New CD!!

DonkeyBiters w/Dog Legacy
Doug Legacy and the Donkey Biters
"Sittin' On Top of the World"

The Donkey Biters, that Swiss groove machine
- with lots of guest stars.

Swiss Tours Nov 7 -21, 2005 - Ten shows in 12 days!

Pics thank to BluesCrew here and here.

Lazy Poker Band and NettWork and NettWork homepage
pictures and videos of Doug in Switzerland.


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Zydeco Party Band, ft Doug Legacy
Dr. SoundGood, ft Doug Legacy

Things ARE Jumpin!