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ZPB Zydeco Party Band

ZydecoPartyBand.com and Doug Legacy HISTORY


--- Have you seen us play?

ZPB has played Disneyland
for 7 New Years and
Doug has been a pirate musician for 9 more years!

Here are some parties you missed!

Zydeco Party Band
Partying since 1986!!

Here's links to lots more videos!

Doug Lacy on youtube:

Doug Legacy toured as a keyboard technician for groups like Rod Stewart (also played steel drums), ELO, Barry Manilow, Boz Scaggs, Jackson Browne, Tom Petty, Joe Cocker, Stevie Nicks, Bruce Hornsby, Billy Joel, Simon & Garfunkel, Ry Cooder, The Tubes, Todd Rundgren and Oingo Boingo.

Doug has been a pirate at Disneyland since 2005 playing sea shantys on accordion and penny whistles with The Bootstrappers.

Paul McCartney PETA concert DVDA Special Tribute to
Linda McCartney
Paramount Pictures in Hollywood, Calif.
September 18, 1999

Concert for
Party Animals 
Gala and DVD

Doug and the Paul McCartney Band

David Gilmour (PinkFloyd), IanPaice (Deep Purple)
Sir Paul McCartney Mick Green,
Pete Wingfield, Doug Legacy


Ian Paice, Doug, Sir Paul McCartney

Doug and James McCartney

Ian Pace, Doug, James McCartney

- Yes, Doug is on the DVD - the credits are incomplete!

Doug with Paul McCartney in the PETA benefit. Above is the rehearsal.

PETA live version linked here

Doug Legacy Todd Rundgren ACapella
Doug toured with Todd Rundgren's ACapella tour.
Here's a link to the video


Zydeco Party Band House of Blues
"King Cake"

Lazy Poker at Muehele Hunzigan
"Crime Don't Pay"

Here are a some NettWerk videos:

Workin' In a Coal Mine

Down the Mississippi to New Orleans

Let's Go Down To New Orleans
(Bourbon Street Parade)


And some snappy patter:

A story from Doug:

King Cake Party

It figures just as I had signed to a the Wildcat label and sessions were starting, I decided to do some work on the arbour.

Broke my thumb!

So I couldn't put down any keyboard tracks till late in the process.
That album was very guitar heavy!
But there are some great guitarists on King Cake:
Ry Cooder
Waddy Wachtel
and of course Mark Shark


Escapade is the first solo album by Split Enz frontman Tim Finn

Additional personnel ...
Doug Lacey - Steel Drums on "Grand Adventure"


After Grammys Party
Grammy Logo
After Grammys Party thankyou letter



Doug Billy Joel
Onstage with Billy Joel:
"I played on "Innocent Man" so Billy could stand up and sing"

Doug's Movie Credits:

He has worked on several films including "Town & Country", "BaseketBall", "The Bucket List", and "Ice Age".



The Bucket List (2007) Song Performer ("Tush")
Written by Billy Gibbons (as Billy F. Gibbons), Dusty Hill, Frank Beard
Produced by Marc Shaiman and Frank Wolf
Performed by Doug Legacy


Whatever It Takes (2000)
Song "Ryan's Jam"
Song Performer "Rock-a-bye-Baby"
Song Performer "I Melt With You"

Clean Slate (1994) Song Performer ("Sir, That's My Baby")

Ice Age (2012) - accordian


Doug has been on tv shows:

Gilmore Girls
How I Met Your Mother
The Muppets Tonight
The Late Mr. Pete Show

Pics on the NEWS page.


Eleven European Tours so far

Switzerland, Germany, Liechtenstein
since 1990
Zydeco Party Band '90, 2000, '01, '02

DonkeyBiters - 8 dates Sep '03

Lazy Poker Band - 5 dates Apr '04

DonkeyBiters - 7dates Nov7-21 '04

DonkeyBiters - 9 dates Nov7-21 '05

DonkeyBiters - 8 dts Mar20-Apr2 '06

NettWork - 10 dts Jan 31-Feb2 '08

Nettwork - 7 dates July 2 - 12 '09

Photos from BluesCrew 2004 and 2005

And here's a video from 1971
WHS in Houston of Concorde
with Doug Legacy singing "Vehicle"

Playlist barKanada FEB 2013

...And the following number is already 20 years old, but still perfectly suited Mardi Gras to celebrate the Louisianischen Carnival, especially since we tonight a live show play - "No Self Control" was released as a vinyl LP in 1990, and in 1994 came the Compilation "King Cake Party" then on CD out - Ladies & gentlemen here is New Orleans Big Voice Doug Legacy with "No Self Control" and I think he plays also piano, accordion videos there are some of him on YouTube

No Self Control Doug Legacy & The Zydeco Party Band King Cake Party 1990 

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Zydeco Party Band old
We always work with the best musicians. this allstar linup is Freebo, Michael Jochum, Doug Legacy, Billy Butler, and Mark Shark.

Oingo Boingo Doug Legacy

Vatos_Boingo_2010HalloweenDoug was the Evil Clown with Oingo Boingo
for 10 years!

keyboards, accordian, percussion and backup vocals

Hey, ya wanna see some old Oingo Boingo
with Doug?

Hey, ya wanna see some new Boingo shows? Watch Johnny Vatos Dance Party site

Vatos head

Whoopie Goldberg


Doug with Whoopie Goldberg


Flooze Doug Legacy

A few more of our performances:

Kern County Fair "MARDI GRAS 'n More 04"
Wed, Sep 22 - Sun, Oct 3, 2004 every day!

L.A. Zoo White Alligator SimiValleyDaysSep11_7:30pm

Nevada County Fair

Sony Wrap Party Spanglish

Johnny Vatos Dance Party Halloween '05, '06, '07, '08, '09, '10, '11 and '12Irish - The Pint House

WoodShed Studios
Vatos Boingo 09 -Richard Gibbs (Battlestar Galactica)

Palos Verdes Estates Golf Club
-Meatloaf sang with us!

Downtown Anaheim Certified Farmers' MarketBenson for City Council

Cozy's John Herron Benefit

Fiesta Hermosa

Jonathan Beach Club - Santa Monica

UCLA Medical trust fund concert

City of Alhambra Summer Jubilee '03&'04


Redondo Beach Sunset Marketplace

Vatos drummer Doug Legacy joins Johnny Vatos as they continue the yearly Halloween  Boingo Dance Party tradition.

Doug and the Mystics young

Doug Zorro on Late Mr. Pete set

Doug as Zorro on the Late Mr. Pete on Emmy-winning "The Late Mr. Pete Show" (KTLA)
(performing with guests Steve Allen, Susan Anton, Martin Mull and Sam Kennison)

The Zydeco Party Band was the house band for "The Late Mr. Pete Show" and"Muppets Tonight".

ZPB The Late Mr Pete Show
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