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Doug Legacy and The Zydeco Party Band

Party Band
Do You Know
What It Means?

ZPB Do You Know What It Means

The latest ZPB project is "Do You Know What it means..." and features Doug Legacy and Mark Shark with a number of famous guests.
"Do You Know What it means..." is available at CDBaby along with Doug Legacy's other CDs.

Produced by Doug Legacy and
Johnny Lee Schell (Taj Mahal)

With special guests including:
Tony Braunagel (Bonnie Raitt, Taj Mahal,
Jimmy Z (Rod Stewart),
Lee Thornburg (Tower of Power, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Thornburg)
The Texicali Horns
Freebo (Bonnie Raitt)
Terry Evans
Debra Dobkin
Phil Salazar (Teresa Russell)
And more!

Here's a French review

Hey You! Doug Legacy and the Legends of the West

Release made in Japan:
"Hey You!"
Doug Legacy and the
Legends of the West


In 1990 Jim Keltner, Freebo and Doug Legacy produced
"King Cake Party"
Ry Cooder, Bonnie Raitt, Todd Rundgren, Eric Gale. and David Lindley and more.

Doug Legacy King Cake Party


The next time you're at Disneyland and you stumble upon a crusty old pirate singing sea shanties, stop and take a listen.
You may be hearing someone who's led a band featuring the cream of legendary LA players.
Aye, that be Ry Cooder on guitar, pianist Van Dyke Parks, drummer Jim Keltner, Warren Zevon- collaborator Jorge Calderon on bass, Rolling Thunder-star fiddler David Mansfield, percussionist Rex Golston and steel drummer Jim Unfried. - Goldmine

Christmas in Prison Doug Legacy

Christmas On the Range


Doug Legacy & The Legends Of The West
"Christmas In Prison" b/w
"Christmas On The Range"
Some Pun'kins Records (1978)

Doug and the Mystics New Hat

After Boingo broke up Doug grabbed the band (without Danny) and went into the studio to record a CD called "New Hat" - Doug and the Mystics.


Zydeco Party Band!

Featured as the "house band" for
"Muppets Tonight",
Winning an Emmy as the 'house band' for
"The Late Mr. Pete Show"

ZPB have released recordings in:
Japan (Pony Canyon - Village Green) and Europe (Demon).

And their unique sound is available in the U.S. on
Varese Sarabande/ Wildcat Records.

The Best of Zydeco Party Band
The Best Of Zydeco Party Band


Mardi Gras Mambo
MardiGras Mambo CD cover

"On a Night Like This"
has been released by
Varese Sarabande/ Wildcat
records with a new name
("Mardi Gras Mambo")
and a new cover and song order. The band still has a few copies left of the original version for sale at our web site or at gigs.

Another album released on Wildcat:
Dancin' on the Levee ('96)
ZPB Dancin' On The Levee

Doug Legacy has been touring and recording in Switzerland for over 10 years; sometimes as a solo or with the Zydeco Party Band

Live in Schaffhausen Zydeco Party Band



and with Swiss bands like the Donkey Biters

DonkeyBiters w/Dog Legacy




Cla Nett's bands Lazy Poker Band and BluesNettWork.

Donkey Biters





Acadiana - Fiddle Around
Doug also plays and records with Acadiana, a zydeco band based in Oxnard, CA led by guitarist and vocalistTeresa Russell.

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